Who’s The Man of the Year – 2018

Its not easy to determine who will be “my man of the year.”  I consider myself extremely lucky because every friend of mine is someone I truly enjoy spending time with.

The person I chose I have known for a while.  I have witnessed his growth and at his mature age, that is something to applaud.  When I first met him he was a bit of a snob, guarded and sensitive.  The more time we spent together, the more he relaxed and soon he could even laugh at himself.  It is a wonderful things to witness growth in a person.

Every time we are together, there is always an element of surprise.  I appreciate his knowledge on matters I dont know much about but as a curious person, am open to learning.  His passion for life astounds me.  He takes me at face value and appreciates our relationship at its face value.

There is still a great deal more for us to learn and its something to look forward to.

Cheers to 2019, Mr. Esq….

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