Who’s The Man of 2019?

The Man of the Year.  2019 was monumental because it was the end of a decade.  When I thought about who I wanted it to be, ultimately, it was for a very specific reason.  After all, I am lucky enough to have cultivated several very special friendships.

What sets this man apart, is that he is truly a “giver.”  My parents always reinforced this quality when I was growing up.  Yet, there aren’t that many people who truly give because its in their nature.  I am not saying that quid pro quo is a bad thing, after all this is often understood and rooted in relationships, whether business or personal.

When I left my corporate career for the entrepreneurial path, at times, I missed having the support of a team. Mr. Concorde flew in and demonstrated how much he believed in me by taking me under his wing.  Intellectually  You are never too old to learn something new, especially from someone as seasoned in business as Mr. Concorde.

Thank you for believing in me.  I am not sure of self-confidence but it is a nice feeling when their actions back up the complimentary words.

Cheers to a new a decade full of adventure and opportunity!


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