Who’s The Man – October 2018

Its been a little hectic.  I am sorry I have neglected 2 months of recognizing “who’s the man.”   Life is all about the company you keep, the relationships you curate and I truly enjoy recognizing them.

The envelope, please…..

In the spooky month of October, I would like to recognize a new friend, “Rocky.”  H We met in an area I had never traveled to before but had longed to visit.  Though  I was only in the area for 2 days and it was quite a hike to reach my final destination, it was worth it.  I appreciate just how open he was with me for the first time meeting.  A great story teller, passionate about his work and his hobbies,  he delivered an unexpected excitement so fast and so furious.  It was even unexpectedly inspirational.

I guess that is what makes him Rocky.



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