Who’s the Man? – October 2016

A man that I don’t see often because he lives a few continents away but when we do it is as if time was standing still.  12-24hrs  once a year and the memories created stay with me until our next rendezvous.

I don’t think he even realizes how awesome he is – smart, sexy, so sweet.  Whoever said that arrogance is an intriguing, sexy quality has never had a nice guy with a truly kind and generous heart.

What makes the time so special with someone so far away has more to do with an ease to our intimacy.  Every time its different but its always an adventure.  Sometimes we go sightseeing, have dinner, and then the bedroom shuts until morning.  Our love of the same music is definitely an aphrodisiac. Laughter is an aphrodisiac.  His romantic tendencies woo me.

Then, 11 months goes by and we pick up where we left off.

That is what makes him the Man for October 2016.

***honorable mention goes to Mr. Esquire for his growth as man and for really letting go in my company.  There is nothing more amazing then watching  the strength of someone’s vulnerability.


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