Who’s The Man? October ’19

Your probably thought I forgot.  Don’t worry, sometimes I just like to surprise!

October was an adventurous month so it is only fitting for me to award it to someone I met who took me by surprise.   The sexiest thing about him, besides his natural charisma, was his energy level.  The minute he sat down, he wowed me with an abbreviated version of his adult life. His passions too.   I listened intently to the trials and tribulations and his eventual business expansion and the consistency of his success.  My questions, peppered into the conversation became the high energy aphrodisiac magnet.

There is nothing more wonderful than building intimacy with someone so eager to demonstrate the building blocks of trust and openness, knowing that a satisfying carnal experience is dependent on it.

It is why the Kart-man is October’s man of the month.

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