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Who’s The Man – November ’19

In the spirit of November and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, I wanted to recognize a man, a friend, who I call “Mighty Mouse.”  He is feisty, cleverly clever and loves nothing more than to try and save your day.

It is important for me to recognize him because he helped me through a very  emotionally difficult time in my life.  I know I helped him too as our situations were oddly similar.  We took comfort in that.

Im always grateful when a client opens up and trust me with his most intimate detailsl that I am friend not just a temporary lover.   The fact that mighty mouse and I could bond over something so real, raw and painful that enabled both of us to find the light, makes him my Thanksgiving man. This is what it is about, not just being a sound board and a friend, but enabling the opportunity in challenge to surface and succeed.


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