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Who’s The Man – July 2019

July was my birthday month.  Normally, I travel to South America but this year, I stayed local.   I took a quick trip to FL to stay at my favorite hotel and see the Stones.  When I arrived back in NYC, it was on the hottest day in July and I had a date for the afternoon.

The Aussie was a cool breeze cutting through all of the heat and humidity in the fair concrete and steel jungle.  How much fun we had over margaritas and tacos. We talked about business, the F1, politics and our relationship backgrounds.  Thank goodness the room was nice a cool, although when two people are really enjoying themselves, Im not sure it matters much.

Than you Aussie, for creating a belated birthday adventure for me – in more ways than one.

There is an honorable mention.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of my friends, who reached out to wish me a happy birthday.  I heard from people I never see and some I see often.  It was a generous outpouring and I am thankful to be thought of.

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