Who’s the Man – February 2019

This month I would like to recognize a friend, I’d like to call “Jon Doe.”  I guess it is fitting that we saw each other on Valentine’s Day.  Cupid’s arrow struck its chord.

If you saw this man on the street he would be like everyone else – busy, focused, dressed nicely but without distinction.

Then we kiss.  I feel myself sinking into mattress.  I feel my brain drawn the curtains.  Im ready to be completely seduced.  Without hesitation you do.

Afterwards we lay there, casually chatting about nothing and sometimes not nothing.  I appreciate how easy it is to lay there – answer and converse without too much thought.  After all, I want to bask in the after for as long as I can…

Cheers to you, Jon Doe.  My “who’s the man” of February 2019.


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