Who’s the Last Man of 2019?

The last man of 2019.  As my standards for the company I keep become more stringent, I am blessed to have so many friends of tremendous character and integrity.  These men push me to be better, enrich my life, make me laugh and often, surprise me.

Mr. Concorde sticks out in my mind because on our very first meeting, a lunch date, we couldn’t stop laughing.  2019 was a challenging year, his energy, his stories and his overall demeanor made for a memorable day, heading into Christmas.  We laughed so hard that a woman at a nearby table who was celebrating her birthday, asked if she could sit with us because we seemed to be having so much fun!

A positive attitude and a sense of humor is the best uniform for life, no matter what you encounter.  It may sound too cliche but it is most definitely true!

Thank you, Mr. Concorde for making my day.  It is why you are the last man of 2019.

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