The First Man of the Decade -2020

January 2020 officially brings us into a new decade.  The new year, new decade kicked off on a roaring start (pun intended since I attended the Rolex 24).

In thinking about who would be the first man, I wanted to recognize a man who has overcome great tragedy, handling it with aplomb.

Mr. Esq is someone who has been Man of the Year on my blog, and someone I have know for a long time.  He has a tender, generous soul, a sharp mind and is too self-deprecating sometimes.

The challenges he faced at the year end of 2019 were handled with the stoicism found in the military books he loves to read.   I see him finding more reasons to laugh and smile.

A new year comes with changes but the unknown as scary as it seems, is an adventure. I am glad to see him embracing that.




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