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Men of the Week – w/o 3.22.15

And then there were two….Yes, last week I had the pleasure of two v. memorable dates…one with an old friend and one with someone new.

The “Medicine Man” as I call him on here, he is no stranger to being the MoW.  There is something about him…he puts himself out there with me.  The vulnerability he shows me is turn-on.  We talk/visit with one another twice a year but every time it is as if we have known each other for years.  It is v. intimate and v. authentic for both of us.  It is kinky.  It is pure fun.

Mr. Paris.  What a surprise you were.  The Central Park hotel room is still vivid in my mind, how the room went from cool to warm and languid as we got more comfortable. That kiss…God, I am a sucker for a good kisser…and you are in my top 5. The scent you wore…, you kept that a secret.  It was so faint yet powerful and sexy.  I can’t wait until your next trip to NYC.  There is so much for us to explore.


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