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Men of the Week – w/o 10.4.15

And then there were two…for v. different reasons.   The MoW is something I take seriously.  I have a strong memory yet there are are experiences that stay with me, a familiar connection as strangers that keeps you wanting more.

And the winners this week are…

Mr. White Plains.  You know who you are.  We finally worked out our schedules and it was worth it.  So much fun.  We were like teenagers except we were in a luxury hotel not the back of the car. lol   I think the conversation was almost as good as the intimacy, almost…

Mr. Boston Dominant.  What can I say?  It is familiar but you always manage to surprise me.  You are fierce and creative.  We create masterpieces together but the motivation is always the same – a craving  for pure pleasure and adventure.  You always reflect what my needs is in that moment.


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