Man of the Week – w/o 8.26.13

This week I had the pleasure of being with a sexual Mcgyver.  This guy cums over and bring a bag of homemade toys – bonus points for literally screwing my 34H breasts into metal pipe fitter rings.  It makes me realize that the toys sold at most of the cheesy sex stores are below quality.

He was a fun Dominant to play with.  Skilled.  Courteous and careful.  His triple-tail whip stung my breasts, legs and stomach like 1,000,000 bee stings while the clover clamps tightly gripped my labia.  The clover clamps are not for the faint of heart but a necessary   tool to have in your bag of tricks.

It’s funny, sometimes we underestimate people.  I wasn’t sure what to expect based on our first correspondence but he fulfilled one of my long-standing fantasies – to have my breasts pumped.  It was really hot…

Thank you, Mcgyver.




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