Man of the Week – w/o 8.25.14

I will admit it was hard to choose.  Please don’t be upset but rules were, after all made to be broken sometimes.  Therefore, I am giving this week’s MoW, to all the me of the summer.


This was a stressful summer for personal reasons and there were so many of you that I engaged with – new friends  as well as old favorites who really always left me with a smile o my face.  In those moments, I wasn’t thinking about the personal stresses that were nipping at me. I know I should be a respite for you but you were truly a respite for me.

We all could use recognition and appreciation from time to time. This is my fun way of demonstrating the profound and positive effect you have had on my life.

Thank you.

MoW song:  Steve Wonder ” For Once in My Life”

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