Man of the Week – w/o 8.11.14

This week’s MoW goes to my D.C. photographer.  An unusual choice for MoW I know but he deserves it.. for his professionalism, talent and ability to bring out the soft and naughty in me.

JB contacted me through Model Mayhem and we exchanged a few emails.  We didn’t meet until the day of the shoot. This can go either way…I know from experience. I’d like to say I am just getting more comfortable in front of the camera but I know that as much as it is a collaboration, the skill and direction of the photographer is critical to a successful shoot.

We had a great time shoot in my hotel room.  He allowed me to be my most creative self – using as many elements as I could handle – water, honey, newspapers…lol

You are welcome to view  some of the images here…Your constructive feedback is always welcome.

MoW’s song – Justin Timberlake ” Sexy Back”



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