Man of the Week – w/o 7.27.14 – Doubling Down

Yes,  that is right.  It is rare that I nominate two men in a week but this was something special and I couldn’t decide.  I think they both are v. deserving for different reasons.  However, one thing they sure in common is make my trip to DC ALOT of fun.

Thursday evening was fun.  Old friends.   We met at the rooftop of my hotel and toasted the evening, looking color coordinated in aqua. We then enjoyed some delicious Asian food  and headed to a whisky bar fora late night cocktail. The conversation and the flirting flowed harmoniously throughout the evening.   It was over cocktails that he massaged my feet and when I confessed I had worn a vibrator since dinner.   It was lovely walking along the Georgetown canal with me when I knew what we were about to do to each other…That is what makes C. my name of the week.

Friday morning, was some more delicious playtime with a new friend.  You never know if you will have chemistry or a connection.  You never know how the conversation will flow- can we talk openly or will I be met with one-world answers?  He didn’t disappoint on ANY level.  I have quite an affinity for morning sex too so expectations were high.  When you really connect with someone, you feel it and you can pinpoint the moment.     Who needs caffeine with all those endorphins?   That is what makes the Boy Scout, my man of the week.


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