Man of the Week – 2.15.13

I know its been a while since I have nominated a Man of the Week but its time to start it up again.

Man of the week goes to the Dark Odyssey Dominant.  I haven’t pushed limits like that since my former Master and it was refreshingly honest. The thing is that he was just the vehicle. The instruments, the whispered commands, none of it works unless I let go.  I finally did.

My former Master gets the credit for giving me the smorgasbord of beautiful tools. I just was overwhelmed with what to do with them and perhaps afraid to tell him the truth because I didn’t want to let him down.  To disappoint him but more importantly to disappoint myself and admit that I just wasn’t ready to be HIS slave, even though he called it on so many occasions.  I loved him and still do but power exchange is a funny thing and you can’t do it 99% of the way.

What happens when someone knows you better than you know yourself?  That is a rare and beautiful thing and I was just frightened to let that go.  What I realize now is that people and relationships and evolve (he taught me that too..)  Who knows what will happen in the future but for now I am enjoying learning, understanding and seeing these tools on my own.

So Dark Odyssey Dominant, thank you for that beautiful turning point.  You will never know the extent of the blessing you gave me but it was just that a blessing.

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