Man of the Week -11.25.12

How can you can you not be impressed by a man who shows up with a briefcase full of his own toys and lube that would make a gay men swoon?  Im not kidding you.  My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw the size of the dildos.  This man deserved serious respect for what I was about to do to him.  The sterile gloves were on as we say in the BDSM world.

He had such a lovely and passionate disposition.  There was a true sensuality to him and we really enjoyed each other.  It was so sexy. It was seriously kinky and it was just plain hot.

Johnboy you get my man of the week award.  The Swedish Hill Riesling was to die for. An orgasm in my mouth. Thank you.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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