Man of the Week – 10.28.12

Recognition for last week goes to a man who made me break my own rules.  A 28-year-old.  Yes, it was a steadfast rule of mine never to see a man under the age of 35.  This gentleman was a true exception.   He was engaging in many ways.  I was stimulated by him both sexually and intellectually.   We have similar backgrounds – the advertising and media world.  It’s rare that digital media becomes a topic of conversation but when I meet someone in that industry, it builds rapport instantly.

Most importantly, he allowed me to have fun with my rubber ruler. So much fun seeing him squirm as I tortured his nipples and inner thighs for 90 minutes with my ruler and my tongue.

I still prefer older men but he is proof that there is an exception to every rule. 

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

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