Who’s The Man – Man of 2020

What a year. I don’t need to remind you of its events. There are two special people I need to recognize in this year of unprecedented events. It is only fitting as we move into 2021, that I recognize the Man of the Pandemic….or rather the men of the year. They were chose for very different reasons but are very influential.

I would like to honor Mr. Concorde. He is a high flyer with a laugh that will keep you laughing for days. I miss the month pre-pandemic when we have long lunches -filled with drinking, stories, conversation and laughter. He is a deep person with the conversation skills of TED Talks speaker. His generosity knows no bounds. He believed in me in a way that no other client ever did. During the pandemic he understood how difficult it was and helped me without asking for anything in return. There aren’t many people like that. A true giver.

Mr. Esquire and I formed a bond during this pandemic. He wasn’t afraid to see me and the adventures we shared made great memories. In some ways he is like a kid, learning, or rather being exposed to certain things for the first time and for me, its so fun to watch. He possesses great inner strength that he doesn’t always show, but I feel a sense of pride when he demonstrates it. I know he enjoy pleasing and I enjoy appreciating that gratitude very much. A fountain of knowledge that will quench your own thirst for it. More than anything, its been an intimate journey that I am honored to have been a part of as he strives to be the best man he can be. I am really proud to know him. He also listens to my fashion advice!

Cheers to 2021!

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