Who’s the Man? – Feb ‘ 21

I gave this some thought and decided to go rogue. After all, this “award” or recognition is given to a person who makes an impact on my life, even if it is in the short term.

This pandemic, ironically has been great to for making friends. In fact, I have made more friends during this pandemic than I have in the past few years. One in particular, is a bright spot because he lives close by and has his own practice. “Apollo” as I call him, is sparkling with conversation and enthusiasm. His energy seems boundless. There are a few things we don’t see eye-to-eye on, but he has a very high EQ, so it doesn’t seem to matter. As a study more about a deeper level of intelligence, the emotional kind, I become more finely tuned to other people’s energy and how well-adjusted they are in that regard. What makes it more interesting, are those that think they are, but practice makes perfect, right?

So I am happy that this friend has come into my life full of vitality and vigor and who appreciates a happy hour and the East River.

Apollo, you are the man for February. Thanks for your friendship.

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