Who’s The First Man of 2021

I don’t know if anyone expected 2021 to really be that life changing after the last year we have all endured. However, it is a new year and “new” sounds good, doesn’t it? In my mind, every day is another “new” palette to work with.

Which leads me to recognizing the first man of 2021. Some conversations start out a little awkward, especially in an introduction. There was a moment where it blossomed and that point, an excitement to meet. His background is extremely interesting and as tough and masculine as he is, which I love, he has a soft side which made for a gorgeous experience. I love a man who knows who he is and grounded in that integrity. Sadly, integrity in this world, is not as common as one would hope.

Making connection, building rapport based on integrity is at the core of my being. I never stop being blessed for the opportunity to be a creator of that.

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