The Ultimate Aphrodisiacs

To appreciate life is to take it in with all of your senses.  As a woman, I especially appreciate my sixth sense!   It was a great thought starter exercise to ponder how something that some mind consider ordinary – food, wine, an article of clothing, could catalyze deep, amorous emotions in us unexpectedly.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Silk scarves – pure silk on the skin – whether it be the neck, around you wrists or anywhere on a naked body for that matter.  Its delicate, smooth texture feels cool on the skin, erotic almost.  Let’s face it, that bright orange box always brings a smile.

Champagne – it would seem a given but there is never a bad time for bubbly.  In a bath, sipping it or licking it off of the body, can not only make you feel literally drunk but high from the sensual charge. Just don’t go cheap.

Warm tea – this is a bit of an outlier but a friend of mine recently told me that warm tea made for amazing oral sex. I will have to give this a try! Beware though, you will want to let it steep and cool off a bit first.

Dark chocolate – This a tried, true and an obvious choice.  You can get as creative as you wish with it.  I think that the best way is using it for tease and denial – make them hold it between his teeth while you explore and spoil…

Stockings – This is another low-hanging fruit but there is a reason it is.  There is something about the denier, regardless of the count.  The feel of the sheer nylon against a masculine leg or perhaps around his neck….

Scented candles – I know it sounds cliche but high-end scented candles can really change the mood.  Personally, I enjoy bergamot, fig, mandarin and lotus…sweet and spicy…Whatever you do don’t buy the cheap Yankee version…go higher end, like Jo Malone, Volupsa, etc…


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