The Steamiest Hotel Bathrooms

I like my luxuries.  One luxury that I think is over-looked and underrated is the hotel bathroom.  Everyone always focuses on the bed yet seems to dismiss how a bathroom is elevated from utility to sanctuary.

Of course I have to share my  favorites with you based on my personal adventures…Feel free to share yours as well.

Best East Coast luxury bathrooms:

Park Hyatt, D.C.* – Though this hotel hasn’t been renovated in close to 9 years, the rooms are impeccably maintained.  More importantly, the bathrooms are almost as large as my Manhattan apartment (slight exaggeration but you get my point).  The image that comes to mind is sleek Scandinavian meets the Roman gods.   The dark stone tile with a shower fit for at least 4 people, mirror and a sunken bath.  I think even the Lords on Game of Thrones would envy this architectural sanctuary.  The only thing that is missing is the heated toilet seat.

Best West Coast Bathrooms: 

Aria, Las Vegas* – This bathroom gets high marks for being as close to a spa as one can get.  Bidet – front and back?  Check.  Toilet seat warmer?  Check.  Dryer?  Check. Water closet?  Check.  Steam shower fit for 3?  Check.  Huge sunken tub?  check.  Need I say more?

The Wort, Jackson Hole – This is mid-priced hotel is comfort all the way.  They stay true to the western-theme but are v. particular about every detail in their rooms.  The bathrooms are warm and inviting and though not particularly large, are the perfect refuge after a day exploring. Tip:  check out the Silver Dollar Grill – awesome live music.

Best 3-Star Hotel with a 5-Star Bathroom:

-Hyatt House, Denver Airport – It wouldn’t be fair to list  just suite-level  or 5 star luxury bathrooms.  After all, if you can get 5 star features fora 3-star price, all the better, right?  This is where the Hyatt House in Denver airport stands out.  Typically budget-couscious hotel bathrooms feel v. clinical.  I remember thinking that the glass door shower was quite the unexpected touch.  Perfect for family or the fly-in/fly-out stay.

Best International Bathroom:

Emiliano, Sao Paulo – International hotels are tough to beat.  Its been 9 years but I still remain this hotel for its traditional luxury with the right touch of modernity and graciousness.  Granted, this was in 2007 but my guess is that this thoughtfulness has not changed.  The best part is that you don’t need a suite to enjoy the finer things.  Marble bathrooms, heated toilet seats and the white Havainas make a memorable stay.  Note: Honorable mention go to Hotel Unique.

Thompson Hotel, Toronto–  Oh, Canada! How you impressed me so.  Located in the funky design district, The Thompson NYC decided to move north to the cosmopolitan city of Toronto.  It is a bit off the beaten path but well worth it.  One of the first hotels to have a roof top, modern and architectural touches abound and extend, to the bathrooms.  Heated marble floors, walk-in shower juxtaposed against a retro-vibe make it a stand out.

Best U.S. Resort Bathroom:

Hyatt Centric Park City,UT–  I have to preface this with a disclaimer that I was given a suite, which was probably one of the largest suites I have ever stayed it – well over 1,200 sq ft.  It was felt more like a condo.  The bathroom had a jacuzzi and a marble shower, which although I was by myself, I still managed to take full advantage of.  Forget the views, the fireplace, the balcony with seating for 4.  It was beyond….

Runner up…

Marriott Sawgrass Resort – Ponte Vedra, FL – On the flip side, the villas at the Sawgrass Marriott can’t be beat.  The bathroom was room and the shower was perfectly adequate for two.  Enough room to do the unspeakable and get ready for a night out.  The TPC views can’t be beat, not to mention the shuttle that takes you to a private beach….

Most Overrated U.S. Bathroom-

The Houstonian, Houston – I was excited to stay here because it felt like Texas.  A traditional, old-south decor, hospitality without the pretense.  The rooms were spacious.  The gym?  Ive never seen anything like it.  The restaurant is a private club that guests of the hotel can access.  The bathroom was just so…ordinary.  It just felt outdated and pedestrian.  I don’t think that is the vibe the Houstonian strives for. I’d give them another chance though.

Most Overrated International Bathroom:

Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris – It saddens me to write this because in every way I wanted to love, love, love this hotel’s bathroom.  I had read so much about this aspirational property.   As expected, the bathrooms were beautiful and spacious with classic ,warm marble surround you but the towels were horrible and that is where luxury is really put to the test – the small details.  The staff was gracious at every turn and the rooms are reminiscent of Rodan.  I was told by the Guest Services Manager that they were aware of this linen issue and were securing a new vendor in the fall.  I wouldn’t hesitant to stay here again because there are so many things about this property to love.  Tip: Rooms are small, even the suites.  ask for a room on the 2nd floor.  The ceilings are higher and as I was told, the 2nd floor of  Parisian buildings were always the premier floor that the wealthy would live/stay on.  It is the way they were constructed.

Best Public Bathroom:

Peninsula, NYC –  Granted I have never stayed here but I have done some deviant things in the bathrooms on the Salon De Ning rooftop that makes me think the bathrooms in the rooms down below would literally blow you away.

Best Toiletries:

The Kimpton Hotels – Thank you Kimpton for keeping your boutique feel. This hotel chain is the antithesis of generic.  Carefully decorated, well-edited but the rooms are not v. spacious. The toiletries are Etro, super stylish and smell so exotic.







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