Fun Places For The Exhibitionist In You…

I make no secret that I am a bit of an exhibitionist.  I have been since the age of 15.  As I get older and wiser, I am a bit more discriminating about where and when I choose to tease but rest assured, there is always a tease.

Here is a list of some of the places I rate high on the exhibitionist scale.

Salon de Ning, Peninsula Hotel NYC – There is nothing better than enjoying a neat whisky and a cigar on chilly night at NYC’s best rooftop bar.  Its dark and open, attracts a Euro crowd, who would appreciate that sort of thing.

The Photo Booth, Ace Hotel NYC – I know, I know…I have started this list with the somewhat obvious  The Ace has a twist though.  Yes, the lobby bar is fantastic for people watching BUT they also have a fun photo booth that allows you to get more…creative.

The Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs – It is obvious why I added this to list, right?  This place is exactly like its description. It is has lots of bush and crevices and wide open space to get lost and kinky.

The Rye Bar, Washington D.C. –  Located inside the Capella. If you love your brown spirits, like I do, this place is a must visit. I love it, not only for their classic selection of whiskies but the large wingback leather chairs that give you and your companion the opportunity to have a little perverted fun on the sly.

The May Fair Bar, May Fair Hotel, London – For those that enjoy globetrotting, there is the May Fair hotel bar.  Its so chic and cool with comfy with modern tones and cozy  booths that allow a free hand to roam.

Your office, Location Unknown –  Let’s face it, you don’t really need a lot of space to let your wild side show.  A desk, a chair, a closed but unlocked door…

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