The Interrogation: Pussy La Whore Is Back…

A dark hotel room in Greenwich, CT last night.  The room lit by one lamp.  A lone chair.  A well-dressed woman..waiting… Nobody is better than the Pussy Kitten aka Pussy La Whore.  On the prowl…only this time its corporate espionage.  Pussy had no intention of giving any info up. This cat is tough as nails.Continue reading “The Interrogation: Pussy La Whore Is Back…”

Like Mother, Like Son

A woman who loves to suck cock.  A bisexual, dominant man who enjoys detailing his exploits when she her face is being fucked.  The college son abruptly walks in on them only to find out that the two men are “well-acquainted.” The mom isn’t so much embarrassed but shocked.  He demands the son gets onContinue reading “Like Mother, Like Son”