Creative Love

I came across a  site on Instagram the other day called  It is erotic art at its most interesting.  I am not much of a art lover but I find myself compelled to check my IG account a few times a day just to look and see what they have posted.  The drawings areContinue reading “Creative Love”

Happy Father’s Day….A Special Message

The beach has always been my second home. It is the only place where my dad has felt compelled throughout the years to share his lesson of life with me. I want to share my view with you. May you be always be appreciated for the wisdom, sacrifice, humility and strength you bring to thoseContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day….A Special Message”

A Holy Week Note

My faith is a big part of who I am.    Being close to God and being passionate about my faith has enhanced and enriched my life in so many ways.  When you put your faith in something bigger than you, something perfect, representing pure love, openness and humility, there is different level of consciousnessContinue reading “A Holy Week Note”

Pushing Emotional Boundaries

Lately, I feel v. introspective. I want to give all that I have but know that if I don’t protect myself and draw lines, who will be there to protect me? After going through a divorce, the sudden death of a lover and evolving in a power exchange lifestyle, my emotional intelligence has evolved quite a bit.Continue reading “Pushing Emotional Boundaries”