The Unforgiving Inseam

My desire is to tease and torture your body slowly, in sensual not sadistic intent.  You are always in control, until now that is.  I have turned you and for this moment you are mine. Your suit begs to be stripped off, one garment at a time.  I have other plans for you, my darling.Continue reading “The Unforgiving Inseam”

Living on the Edge Play…An Intense Intensive

Admittedly it has been awhile since I have attended a “workshop” for the kinky lifestyle.  However, I know Sir Eric Pride is a great BDSM teacher and I am excited to attend his Edge Play workshop in Philadelphia on November 14 – 15. As I grow in my kinky skin, this is one area thatContinue reading “Living on the Edge Play…An Intense Intensive”

Caveat Emptor: The Skinny on Discreet Vibrators

There is something exciting about walking around the city, sitting in a business development meeting or pitching my business while a discreet vibrator applauds my pussy.   Since this is the second “discreet vibe” as the sex toy industry calls them, that I have owned, I thought I would write a review.  Caveat Emptor. TheContinue reading “Caveat Emptor: The Skinny on Discreet Vibrators”

My Dark Valentine

I can’t wait until I leave for DC next Friday. I’m excited to reunite with my all my kinky friends and the play partners who so I expertly know how to pick up where we left off. Dark Odyssey is a time to really push my own personal boundaries in an environment where the playingContinue reading “My Dark Valentine”

Going With The Flow…

Its not secret that I really enjoy watersports- giving as well as receiving. Last night, my lovely Dominant friend came over who also happens to share my affinity for golden bliss. Though it has been almost 7 months since we have seen each other it was as if I had seen him just yesterday. LovelyContinue reading “Going With The Flow…”

A Dark Odyssey

When we are young we are told, never to stay away from fire.  How ironic, that I found myself fascinated with fireplay or the need to just take my boundaries to a different level.  Pyrosadist, a skilled Dominant I met during the Dark Odyssey conference, lit me on fire with, burning my soul without everContinue reading “A Dark Odyssey”

Triple Trouble

It is quite fitting that my 300th post is about getting dominated 3 times in one day. I think I set a personal record. The man from down under came to see me. New Zealand to be exact. He took me. Really took me and wasn’t nice about it. Why should he be? I’m aContinue reading “Triple Trouble”

Living In The Time of The Collar

Living as a slave is something I have done since He properly trained me. Living as slut is just natural to me.  Living as a collared slave will be the life I aspire to. This life isn’t for everyone. Most people are quite puzzled by it because when they meet me I seem so “vanillaContinue reading “Living In The Time of The Collar”

Greenwich, CT on a Saturday Night

There you stand on the other side of the door with your bag of goodies.  A hotel in Greenwich, CT. I’ll show you mine if you show yours but you decided to blindfold me.   You open the bag and slowly I hear the goodies come out, slowly you transform.  You are a no longerContinue reading “Greenwich, CT on a Saturday Night”

Silence is Golden

He said.  Those words are burned into my brain as I wait for Him, wait for his answer. Four years, almost.  I share this personal sentiment publicly because you, readers and friends, have been there, been my support.  You have all made me smile in more ways than I can count, made me excited, thrilledContinue reading “Silence is Golden”

Power Play

I am enjoying my time with a man who is currently exploring his Dominant desire with me.  We played yesterday and although he is a novice in p/e, it is fun to teach and explore together.   It had been awhile since we last met so I think he was a little nervous.  I’m gentle thoughContinue reading “Power Play”

For Lifestyle Subs and Slaves

I sometimes get emails from subs and slaves who are new to the lifestyle or maybe just trying to navigate the emotional landmines that are often expected as a result of our open vulnerability. If I can impart any wisdom, it is to never give up.  This lifestyle is not easy and is not forContinue reading “For Lifestyle Subs and Slaves”

Slut, Whore, Slave…Slave, Whore, Slut..

On the last night of being 37, I want to get up close and personal… The title – a 3-word summary.  I am confident enough to be proud of those labels. First and foremost I am proud of being a slave.  A 4.5-year journey thus far, and the road is still long, windy and filled withContinue reading “Slut, Whore, Slave…Slave, Whore, Slut..”