White Noise

As we move into day #2 of the partial Government shutdown and the 2014 mid-term election loom,  I feel saddened.   It has been almost 12 years that the Unites States, the greatest nation of enterprise and opportunity hs felt like one nation, under God, indivisible.

Where is the leadership?   I admit I am not a fan of the current President but I was hopeful that in his 2nd term as President, he would move more towards the center, instead he has shown to be even less willing to compromise.  A good leader is able to carry out the goals he sets out to do because he’s respected.  5 years and no budget. A healthcare policy that has created deep divots not only in Congress but also with American businesses.  Benghazi and Syria.  Those places bring heavy sighs when you say them.

Everyone wants to make their point heard but all the American people hear white noise.   I admit to being a pretty conservative gal but the Republicans are cutting off the nose to spite the face. The reason Obama got elected in the first place is because the Democrats to a great job at marketing.    The Republicans seem to always ignore Milennials, who, like it or not, will be running this country in 20 years or so.

As I hear from clients who are affected by this shutdown, not because they work for the Government but because they may do business with the “non-essential parts”, it is clear that the only winners here are the media.

If government was run like a business, and the President acted like a CEO, his shareholders, the American people would have called for his resignation.

Cut the white noise. Get back to basics of real law making before what made this country great, our freedoms, are slowly crippled.




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