RINOs, DINOs..They Are All Just Flintstones to Me.

Its 2014.  A pivotal political year.  The mid-term elections are around the corner and we are halfway into President Obama’s 2nd term in office.  Obama ran on hope and change without having a clue with out to actually carry out that hope and change.

I know I sound partisan when I say this but President Obama enacted change not with leadership but with hubris. The media gave him many passes (minus the Obamacare debacle).   Of course it is not just the Executive brand we need to look at. Congress, our national legislature, has become a lifetime career choice rather than an act of service.  Term limits, anyone?   How can anything really change when our so-called “political leaders”  are always in fundraising mode?

And this brings us to the all important mid-term elections.  The Republicans have majority control of the House by approximately 33 seats. The Senate is marginally in control by the Democrats with 6 seats.  The Congressional approval ratings are at their lowest as well as the Republican approval ratings but I firmly believe that the Conservatives have a golden moment.

Its time to find the robust, smooth center and show that hard work, not entitlements are what makes this country great.  The belief in freedom of choice to make your own way in life, with or without an expensive education.

Let’s get back to basics.  I am not naive to think that things will change because the Democratic process was not set up for sudden changes.  In fact,  it was set up to prevent that v thing.  I am lucky that I can write this without fear of being persecuted.  We have no idea how much countries like Syria and Iran hate us for our ideology.

You may not agree with Senator Cruz during the Government shutdown but he wasn’t afraid to stand for something.  I might have thought his approach was a little rough but he made his point and people listened.  He bucked the traditional system of pomp and circumstance because he understood what his constituents wanted.

In an age of disruptive technology, its time for disruptive politics.

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