The L Games

I am super excited.  On Saturday afternoon from 12 -5, I am doing something I have never done…an amazing race style competition lesbian style with girls I have never met.  It is through my Lez Factor meet up group and there are several teams of 3 competing against one another for a $500 prize.

The challenges all take place in the West Village/Chelsea area and all involve dating and approaching women. Of course… I mean, this is the Lez Factor meetup!

I am super excited and have been chatting with my team members over email.  I suggested we merge our names together to come up with a team name so we chose Lexica…catchy, right?  It reminded me of the superhero villian Lex Luther…

This is going to be alot of fun and I am highly competitive so you can be we are going to do everything we can to win that $500.

your kinky courtesan xx


Sometimes things happen when our husbands pass out in front of the TV.  My son showed up unexpectedly to wish me a happy birthday and caught me in my negligee, stockings and heels.  I had been trying, unsuccessfully to get my husband to give me a good birthday fuck after our lovely dinner but too much scotch did him in and he chose ESPN over me.

I was horny. Masturbation at my age was not going to cut it.  I needed something thick and real. He showed up and as wrong as it was, it felt so right.  He brought me to orgasm with his gentle touch and the next moment had me on my knees, like the slut he knows his mother is.  Yes, he fucked my mouth and my cunt.   He took me on the marital bed, he took on the executive desk and finally in front of the tv, where he came…..gushing and spewing all his forbidden desire into my mouth and on my face.

A fantasy.

your kinky courtesan xx

You Say Faggot, I say Good Sissy Boy

You said that’s what you liked to be called. I prefer sissy boy.   Dressed in that tight black slip.  Fortunately, for me your balls were still peeking through when you bent over upon upon my command to inspect you.   Swollen balls – desperate for the intimate touch of a woman or man? 

Blindfolded you were mine. Lost with out sight. I paddled your ass just because I knew you wouldn’t like it  and pushing you out of your comfort zone seemed to be the right thing.  Intimacy and connection is what you were seeking but there was a sadomasochistic element to that intimacy.  It knew that Glamazon was going to be the bridge. 
I climbed on top of you  and shoved my groin with strap-on in your face, forcing you to make love to Glamazon, my beautiful dildo. I encourage you to take it deep and you did,  obediently.  Then when I was pleased with your performance, I raised my hips more and let my pussy lips graze your mouth.  Time for you to show me how you worship cunt. While you licked, I slapped your face with the dildo as a reminder just how much you love to suck cock.
You were a good sissy boy.  
your kinky courtesan xx

Officially 37

I’m officially 37.  I would like to take a moment to say thank you.

Thank you to my close circle of friends who think Im nuts but love me anyway because they see me for the loyal, passionate dedicated woman that I am regardless of how kinky I am ..

My fellow slave who has been a HUGE support system because although my vanilla friends are supportive nobody understands a P/E dynamic unless you live it.

To my nieces who are 4 and 1.5 and remind me that it takes more effort to frown than it does to laugh and smile.  They get to see only the vanilla side to me but that makes me a better kinkster I think! lol

My parents who will never stop being parents but are trying to get used to the fact that we are cut from the same cloth – fiercely independent.

Thank you to John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson for providing a landscape of financial and entrepreneurial opportunity and freedom where I can express myself freely to anyone who cares to listen.

To my ex husband for setting me free. You always said I couldn’t be tamed. You just may be wrong about that…

To my clients, who keep life interesting, fresh and exciting.   Keep it cumming.. lol 

Finally to my Master, a man who has more insight, more soul than anyone I have ever met, these 3 years have made an indelible mark on my life.  No matter what happens thank you for showing me the way to truth.

your kinky courtesan xx 

Sites Every Red Blooded Male Should Be Bookmarking

I started helping men by advising them on fashion and lifestyle in 2005.  I don’t do it as often as I like but since alot of men read this blog, this would be the perfect spot to suggest some of the best resources out there for men that they can peruse without getting in trouble..

1.  Cool Material – this happens to be a site for men who love tech gadgets and well, just like the name, all things cool.  It is for the man who doesn’t need but merely wants..

2.  Esquire UK – Love the u|x of this site.  Simple clean. Oh so British.  The US site is a complete mess.   Perfect for the man who keeps up on sartorial happenings and is an international jetsetter.

3.  English Cut – ok, ok.. Can you tell I am a little obsessed with the Brits?  Seriously though, Thomas Mahon is one of the best tailor’s on Savile Row.  If you are ever in London…it is worth the investment.

4.  Alltop – Shameless plug for Guy Kawasaki’s site that aggregates news by category.  It is simple and easy.  Guy is awesome. I’ve interviewed him, hung out with him.  He is just a great businessman.  Read his book Enchantment.

5.  TopGear – Love this show.  Informative and not above my head as a woman.  Sexy and funny. Huge crush on Jeremy.  Just wish he could see me drive that Lambo…

6.  Mr. Porter.  – Net -a-Porter realized that men like to shop and care about how they look so Mr. Porter was born.   High end fashion, style tips and a retail shopping mecca so you can watch the market and your shopping cart..

7.  The Contributing Editor – Have a hankering for some badass editorial and hot, edgy models? Look no further.  Matthew Edelstein knows what he is talking about because after all, he is the former Editor of Details.  Cool stuff.

8.  How to Spend it FT’s lifestyle magazine that I am lucky if it doesn’t get stolen from my doorstep is now online. Check it out if you have an ipad. The desktop version is a little clunky.

your kinky courtesan xx

Philadelphia Sin

I mentioned I was heading to Philadelphia next week for a few days.  I do enjoy that city.  The men are quite kinky.   Hoping to get some Mommy/son role play time in with one of my regulars and it will be fun to make the acquaintance of new men too.

There is an excitement in getting ready for your date – picking out the lingerie you think he would, the feel of the garters underneath a silky dress. I never wear panties and am completely bare so I often wonder what he can see…

Turning 37

Another birthday is a few days away..I will be working in Philadelphia.  I’ve taken a few days off to figure things out – where I want to be next year, in 5 years and who I might want to be with.

There are a few things I know…

 I love my chosen career and I truly get pleasure from it.

 I don’t want to do this forever and want to be a legitimate and successful entrepreneur.

 There will always be a slave in me whether or not I have a Master in my life.

 God will never give me more than I can handle.

Just when I think I am getting ahead there is a challenge to face.  The challenges will never go away it is just how we deal with them that will change.  As I get older I aspire to listen more than talk. To be more empathetic and to open myself up and to be vulnerable.   Vulnerability was never my strong suit and instead of trying so hard to fake it til I make it…I am just going to be.

And driving a Lamborghini Gallardo is a good start..

your kinky courtesan xx

Deja Vu

Tonight it had a date.  We went to Fig & Olive, one of my favorite restaurants in the city.  I enjoy it for the great wine selection, fabulous raw bar and light mediterranean fare.   The irony, was that we were were seated at the v. same table were I had another first date that took place many, many months ago and ended v. different than this one.  

The guy was attractive and kind.   He needed to unload and he did – about his life, his past and what he wanted for his future.   He is a submissive and I could have lots of fun with in bi-fantasies with him as he wants badly to be taken by a man.  I imagined his cock 7″ and nice girth…all I care about is girth anyway..    I listened empathetically and asked questions.

 However, I couldn’t help but have a flashback to the original dinner I had sitting in these chairs – all the wine, the intimate conversation, the stolen flirtatious looks and afterwards going to his office and fucking over his desk – two crazy kids…

Ah..the memories…time to create new ones..

your kinky courtesan xx

Songs That Get Me in the Mood..

Its hot and sticky out…I am on deadline for the sex site I freelance for, launching on Monday.   I’ve got a date tonight so with all this activity, thought I’d share my play list of songs that get me in the mood and these are in order of my favorites..

All available on itunes of course..

1.  Jersey Girl.. Bruce Springsteen.. (well that is where I grew up)

2.  In and Out of Love  – Armin Van Buuren

3. Adagio for Strings – Tiesto

4. Don’t Stop – ATB

5. Lady is a Tramp – Frank Sinatra

6.  In My Memory – Gabriel & Dresden

7. Slow & Low – Beastie Boys

8.  Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones

9.  Brilliant Disguise – Bruce Springsteen

10.  Skills to Pay the Bills – Beastie Boys

11. O Soava Fanciulla (La Boheme)  – Andre Boccelli

12.  Someone Like You – Adele

13.  Blue Dress – Depeche Mode

14.  Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

15.  Im on Fire – Bruce Springsteen

Songs to motivate you, fuck to, drive to….

your kinky courtesan xx

Birthday Wishes and Wet Dreams…

My 37th birthday is a week away.  In anticipation I am having lots of fantasies lately.  My sex drive is in overdrive.  Last night I had this dream about a stranger.  He was British, v. sexy and v. dominant.   I was at the Mayfair hotel having a cocktail and he was wearing a gorgeous Paul Smith suit and Hermes tie (its a talent to be able to spot an Hermes from 150 feet away). He was wrapping up a business meeting and it was clear he was in control.

We made eye contact briefly a few times and each time, I quickly looked away, blushing.  There was something unsettling about his presence in this plush hotel bar at 5 in the afternoon. I wish I had worn panties.

The next time I looked up he was alone.  All alone. My instinct?  Get up and go to the loo. As I walked by I could feel his eyes burning through me.   I secretly hoped he would follow me.  The bathrooms at the Mayfair were perfect for intimate moments and big enough to do v. dirty deeds. I was certain that I had to taste him.

As I walked out of loo, he was standing there.  Funny that in a marble bathroom, I hadn’t heard him enter.  He didn’t smile.  Didn’t say a word.  I walked up to him.  He grabbed the back of my neck and forced me to my knees.  Oh God, that bulge.  I began to suck, lick and swallow like it was my favorite ice cream cone.   His hardness said it all about how he was feeling.  Unexpectedly, he pulled me up, yanked my skirt up and began to fuck me again that marble sink.  It was a love match – my cunt and his dick.  It was so creamy it didn’t need his finger or tongue.  He unhooked my garter belt and shoved my stocking into my mouth to make sure I wouldn’t make a sound.  All I could do is cling on to his shoulder as if on the precipice of a mountain.

Over and over, he fucked me.  He turned me over suddenly and turned the faucet on shoving my face in the cold water while letting my ass get the royal treatment.  My ass was hot and filled with him while my face and neck were cool under the cold water.  

As quickly as he began, he suddenly stopped, zipped himself and walked quietly out.  Never was a word exchanged.  A light kiss was planted on the back of my neck and there, bent over the sink, at the Mayfair Hotel with a stocking in my mouth, I received the fuck of my life from a stranger.

your kinky courtesan xx 

Independence for Independents

How was your 4th of July?  This Independence day was probably the best one yet.  It was low key but I made some new friends and that made it special.     It turns out that the girl I went out with twice, makes a cool friend.

We started out at the Cubbyhole first, which is the hottest lesbian bar in NYC.  The drinks aren’t great but the company always is…What is fabulous about this place is the ambience – small and cozy – filled with colored streamers hanging from the ceiling and awesome music – a mix of 80’s and pop.

One of the women is a chef on movie sets and so it was fun gossiping about Hollywood and getting the inside scoop about how “alternative” these actors really are. Let’s just say that there are some v. big name actors that love cock.    Eyes Wide Shut should of really been a  Knowing this, I have a new found respect for some of these well known thespians.  That is just so hot.

Dinner at Extra Virgin in the West Village.  Highly recommend.  This is one of my top 10 now.  Fabulous food, reasonable prices and intimate atmosphere.  Who cares if the service is just ok when everything else is so great and champagne bottles are so reasonably priced?  lol   My friends picked up the tab in honor of my bday which really touched me.   It was just a great time to hang out with such cool, interesting people who are gay.  Did I mention that?  I don’t have many gay friends so its nice to finally met some women who can allow me to explore that part of myself a little more..

Watching the fireworks on West St I was reminded that we live in a country that people are dying to get into.  Where the possibilities are what you make it. Nothing is stopping you but you. Our fore fathers had tremendous foresight, determination and courage to fight for fundamentals that we may now sometimes take for granted.   I know I have been guilty of it.  I am v. thankful to live in a country where I am not persecuted for my choice in profession or beliefs.

your kinky courtesan xx

Battle with BackPage

Its the down and dirty version of an Eros Guide.   The interface is simple, its dirt cheap and traffic to your website is guaranteed to triple, averaging 322MM page views and 27MM uniques monthly according to the latest site data.  Now, bear in mind that this is backpage as a whole.    However,  reports indicate that the revenue produced monthly from the adult section alone is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.5MM.   

Looking at it from the cost/benefit perspective, it can’t hurt to put your ad up because the exposure is incredible.  If you can position your copy right, you can still avoid time-wasters and getting in trouble..

Last night I got lucky.  A gentleman from backpage who wasn’t opposed to be being screened and didn’t balk when I told him my hourly rate, requested a date.

He showed up, polite as can be, casually dressed, a v. stocky guy.  We immediately relaxed with one another and the conversation just seemed to flow..3 hours later he found himself completely relaxed to the point of almost falling asleep..Simple conversation and a couple of oral interruptions in between, we agreed that the pleasure was definitely mutual.

your kinky courtesan xx

Tales on the Metro North

I often ride the Metro North to Stamford to see clients. Tonight the energy was different. It could of been the train was filled w commuters or maybe it was the unintentonal heat being passed between myself and a gentleman sitting across from me.

What made this encounter, if you want to call it that, so “storybook” is that I never even got his name. He just kept making me smile and I used the thoughts about what I wanted to do to him to get me hot to see a new client. It should be stated that we were not in the Bar Car and he was chatting with his friend about golf but I kept wetting my red lips and undressing him with my mascared-eyes and I could feel his eyes on me.

We didnt get off at the same stop but that kind of flirtation hasnt happened in a long time and my loins were off and running…I even briefly thought about posting a ‘missed connection’ ad on Craigs List. Just thinking sbout where that could go….

My client was a gem btw….,

Your kinky courtesan xx

A Note of Appreciation

I wanted to thank everyone for the positive feedback and notes of appreciation that I have received over the past few weeks in regards to the Office Shenanigans portfolio.  I am really glad that you enjoyed them and I am set to do another photo shoot in the next couple of weeks, which will be different but equally as stay tuned for a sneak preview…

Every day I put myself out there- in my job and in my musings on this blog.  I truly enjoy the time that I spend with my clients and sharing a piece of who I am with you.  I realize that this is a discretionary service so I am always humbled and excited whenever I have a date, regardless if I have seen you 5 times or if it is our first time…

I especially appreciate the support I have received through the survey.  The learnings are invaluable and will only help be able to better understand and cater to your needs and desires.  
In the next couple of weeks you  will be seeing changes to my site. I don’t want to get into too much detail at this time..I am v. excited though and I think you will be v. pleased..
Thank you again for being loyal and generous with your time and compliments.  This business has its ups and downs but the clients are what make it special.
your kinky courtesan xx