Topless Tee Time

Last night, I had the privilege of joining a client at Golf Manhattan for a little virtual round. As promised, I wore my tall black boots and a v. short black pinstripe kilt dress for the occasion. I came ready with my Nike’s and golf glove in my bag.

Golf is a family sport. My parents live on a golf course. I took up the sport after my divorce. I met alot of people and played some amazing courses, including Pinehurst after the open. It is a sport that takes a tremendous amount of discipline and focus but most importantly it is practice, practice, practice.

Life gets in the way, and with my clubs in Southern New Jersey, I admit that I haven’t played in about 2 years. Luckily, I was with a gentleman who enjoyed watching my dress drop and my breasts show every time I swung. With pierced DD’s, I never saw a man play so well. He really knew how to channel his adrenalin! After two holes, my game was finally on par with his as well. I like to know that I am in the same competitive range.

I basically played topless for the entire game, which had we been on a real course may have gotten us in trouble but in the privacy of our own virtual golf course, upped the ante.

Definitely a fun and sexy night out…

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

Birdies & Bogeys

I am really looking forward to getting in some virtual golf tonight as one of my clients as generously asked if I would go with him for a round.   I have never played virtually before, other than practice so the interactive element will be fun.

It is just nice to be asked to do something different.  I have been on dinner dates but I have to admit it was extremely thoughtful of him to recognize that I enjoy the game of golf, even though I am not v. good.

Looking forward to an enjoyably competitive evening of swinging irons and filling holes.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

Olivia – Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll’s alternate reality.  My latest photo shoot concept.

Naked in the woods.  Alone.    The sun would be setting soon. Wet leaves.  Dirt. Down in the mud. Dreaming while awake.  Fantasy.  A courtesan captured.   Blindfolded in bramble bushes.

Romantic sadism – hot wax, tangled in lights.  Contorting the body to create exquisite form juxtaposed with traditional beauty shots.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx



Love to Love. Love to Fuck. Slut DNA.

I knew I was a slut when I was 15 and lost my virginity to my 18 year old boyfriend after 3 months of dating.  I used to ride him in his parents basement knowing that his friends were watching from the window. Yes, I knew then I was a v. dirty girl.

In college my tastes evolved towards the kinkier. I became more dominant and much more adventurous.  Like many, I had my first threesome in college.  I had a routine that involved an Enya CD, patchouli oil and candle wax. It was pretty hot, literally.

A rebirth in my early 30’s.   I discovered the world of true exhibitionism and group sex.    I would imagine there were cameras on me when I was fucking or sucking someone.  It would always enhance the experience, knowing you are being watched – whether by 50 people or just one.

Now in its upper 30’s it is a whore.  A paid slut.  What could be better?  A woman with a passion for sex and exhibitionism that gets to give and receive pleasure for a living?  Yes, its true.  A physically and emotionally demanding job but rewarding in so many intangible ways.

It’s in my DNA.  The need to give and receive pleasure.  Just like the need to serve.  They go hand in hand. I try not over think and just do.  After all, it’s not rocket science or cancer we are curing.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

Raleigh All the Way

On Thursday morning bright and early, Mestra Jussara and I will fly our yankee asses down to Raleigh, North Carolina.  We were invited by VP of Marketing of Eros to attend a marketing and branding workshop and given the inexpensive travel costs, thought it would be worth the trip.

It is a short trip but we are excited to entertain the men of south.   We hear they have the taste for kink and the two of us together are ready to make some memories…

If you are interested in booking time, please fill out my screening form.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx 

I Love a Good Fuck in the Morning

Morning visits are my favorite.  If I could get fucked ever day and give a  morning bj I would be in heaven.   I sleep naked, except for my sock and nothing is sexier than being woken up in the morning by something poking me in the back, whether it be a man’s meaty, hard cock or hot woman’s dildo.

The idea of starting my day cumming couldn’t get any better, right?  As a student at Catholic school, where we practice the golden rule – it would be a sin not to return the favor…

When you are single, it becomes slightly more difficult because the on-demand thing goes away, although I know from being married once that a warm body next to you doesn’t guarantee a fuck either.  How did spreading your legs ever get so complicated?

There is just something about the rawness of morning sex, that you are both a little dirty, sleepy, messy…it adds to the ambience rather than distracts from it.  Beauty to me is in the imperfect after all…

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx


Making A DD Entrance

Note: this post is dedicated to Woody.

The easiest double was last night when I was with my friend, Mestra Jussara.

We are built v. differently, Juss and myself. She is small breasted with amazing legs. I have 36DD breasts, and the ass that won’t quit. We work really well together and are good friends which is why we do doubles together. We are fun!!!!

That poor naked boy. He had no idea what hit him. The incense. The candles. He was laying on a suspended bed, naked, while Juss gently glided her hands over him and whispered naughty things. I walked closer, completely naked, no shoes. I was only coming in to say hello and flash my DD’s in his nervous little face.

His hard on just got harder when he had the hands of 4 women on him. After all, this doesn’t happen every day. This doesn’t happen in a man’s best masturbation fantasy. The rings of my nipples brushes his knees. My laughter softly tickled his ear. My fingers naughtily pinched his nipples. Im not sure what happened after that but Im pretty sure he was in good hands.

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx


S.W.A.K. in Greenwich

There is a reason why I love my Connecticut clients…

He wanted me in nothing but red lipstick.  No sooner had I answered the door that his lips were on mine.  I was back in high school again with this older man and I was loving every minute of it.

Naked, my breasts danced on his cheeks, while my pierced nipples parted his lips. The kissing grew more intense, and I just kept reapplying the lipstick leaving red lipstick marks everywhere – around his nipples, his stomach, his neck,  on his inner thighs, on the head of cock, on his balls.  The evidence was everywhere – for the time we were together.

Red lipstick. On me. On him. Hot stuff.  I love the suburbs.

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx


A Kinksgiving Note

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I thought it was proper to wish all clients, colleagues, friends and readers a festive and warm holiday.   I have said it many times but I can not say it enough, this blog is for you.  These words, my stories are a way of sharing a part of me with you – some of you strangers, some of you I know intimately.

Thank you for helping me cultivate a new life at the age of 37.  Thank you sharing yourselves with me and for putting your faith and trust in someone who you spend a few hours a month with.  Your time, your pleasure is of utmost importance and I am really lucky to be able to engage your fantasies, companionship and desires.

My gratitude is genuine.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx

Remember Your Movember

I used to be a fashion blogger for men’s fashion and lifestyle, which is how I first heard about the Movember initiative.   The popularity behind it grows every year, when for 30 days in November, men globally put the razor away in support of fighting prostate and testicular  cancer.

You can give to an individual or team or make a general donation.  I donate to my ex-colleague every year.

There is something special about seeing men growing facial hair simultaneously.  A unity  that shines a spotlight on a type of cancer that is not often not given the significance it deserves.  Personally, my family have been ravaged by brain, lung and Colon cancer.   Those family members are no longer here to talk about their battle.

Let’s not let the women and children in our lives ever have to experience the often long and arduous fight.  Thank you gentleman for your boldness  and sense of humor in sparking the men’s health conversation that is often not discussed because you think you are invincible.

We love our men and we don’t want to lose you!

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan xx



Latex and Exxxotica in NJ?

Today will be fun.  After an awesome evening last night I am heading out to the Baroness to get my latex outfit for Exxxotica Expo today.  It’s important to make a good impression so getting the right latex outfit is key.  A convention and giant party with the hottest porn stars, the latest sex toys, an exotic car and bike show and sex workshops.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday, unless I was in bed naked all day with you.

Yours truly,

your kinky courtesan, xx

Menage – a -Trois Afternoon

I love making introductions and tomorrow will be no exception.  My former boss/mentor is coming over to play.  I will introduce him to my newest boy toy.   It will be one hot afternoon despite the weather outside.  A young, hot stud sucking my mentor’s gorgeous cock.  I will mount that young stud while he sucks him, fucking that tight ass while my enjoys my breasts.

While three may be a crowd in certain situations,  I think it is cozy in the bedroom.  An opportunity to explore your limits and live in the moment while still maintaining the intimacy.

Tomorrow at 12:15 can’t cum soon enough.

Yours truly,

Your kinky courtesan xx