Its been said over and over again. Listen carefully and learn. The client-provider relationship is truly special and uniquely unique. How often do you have an opportunity to form a bond without string that still has capacity and potential for longevity, respect and non-judgement.

Appreciate and respect that.

The Better Man

It is what you strive to be. Better. The superlative to good but inferior to best. To be fair, its hard to define and very open to interpretation.

You have armed yourself with all of the necessary components to be better – a therapist, meditation, tougher gym workouts, being more present. How do you measure your progress? Hold yourself accountable.

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back?

There you are gaining momentum and then something, someone makes you stall. However, your level of focus never slips too much. However, this is a different journey. The progress made isn’t revolutionary. A parade does not come with each milestone.

A better man, among other things, is self-aware. He is as confident in making mistakes as he is in any victory. The courage to face weakness and not hide from it Revolutionize it.

Fortune Favors the Patient.

Even is the enemy of progress. Fortune favors the patient. A rationale has infinite uses, much of which lies in licking our wounds and empathizing our egos. A better man sees beyond the zero sum hype. Abundance. Potential. Warrior words, even in the best zero sum scenarios, because they happen all of the time.

The better man has a steady mind and hand. A perspective of simplicity that breaks through the noise of even the most complex.

This is What Big Dick Energy Is All About.

There is no fake it til you make it. You just push forward. Harness those balls. You have two of them. Stand up for your decisions, even the bad ones. Your integrity deepens as you think and act outside of the hive mind.


Expectation is the killer of fantasy. Our capacity is understood and we should live in that nuanced thinking. Get drunk on the energy we harness in our environment now, within ourselves that we are willing to share with one another.

Don’t try so hard.

Listen closely, please.


Can you stand naked in front of yourself? It doesn’t matter how perfect your body is. Would you stand there and look at your reflection through the eyes of someone else, strange or not? How long does that moment unfold?

A Soulful Stripping Fully Dressed.

When the eyes meet and you can see past the pupils. In this moment, what you are wearing is inconsequential. Unafraid, perhaps even expectant of the emotions that will wash over you, confident that this moment of vulnerability will be transformative.

Let me see you, absorb you, before I feel your naked flesh. Bare yourself.

Now Let


On Saturday, I went to a special mass with my family, that was being said for my father. It was an abbreviated mass but the homily was just as poignant as it would have been on any given Sunday.

A New Opportunity to Discover Love.

In a world full of signals, it is easy to get distracted. We even utilize apps to help us find our center. The demands on our time and our poor prioritization. The love we need that nourishes is us is so close. It is within us. It is omnipotent. How come we don’t spend more time just falling into that luscious love? Why is distraction so sexy?

Damn…That Shiny Object.

We chase. What is happening outside of our orbit can make us easily distracted. Often, we prefer what is not good for us than dealing with stuff. Talk about a purpose-driven life! Lets focus on what is happening over there, so we don’t have to listen to what’s happening within us. I will admit, that it can have unintended positive consequences too, especially when you are going out of our way to help others.

According to Statista, in 2021, over 80% of men in the US had moderate to extreme stress, 73% suffered anxiety, and 61% felt depression. These are ridiculously high numbers, given how there is cultural shift towards healthier, more active lifestyles.

Exercise Active Listening…to Yourself.

We remind ourselves often to practice the art of “active” listening in our conversations. A sign of true respect, emotional intelligence and genuine interest in learning about someone else. After all, we are social animals, feeding off of the energy of others, in real life or through “social” media.

Where and when do we listen to ourselves? We prioritize priorities! There are plenty of memes, tweets and posts written to inspire but what about execution? The shiny object can easily lord over our ability to see what is obvious – gratitude is an action that comes in many forms. We cut ourselves short, if we think only the big or grand gestures count. How about just showing up? Be grateful and have gratitude for just being there – creating moments.

Chasing the Present and Silver Linings.

On the emotional ledger, its easy to mark up the debit column but leave the credit side sparse. If we only count the big things, the if’s and when’s, we dismiss what we have, silvering linings and all. Gifts of gratitude, contentment, come after all, in many different packages. Let’s not wait for the prettiest one, and instead dive deeper to respect the progress of now.


Small gestures make big impacts. If there is one takeaway from the holidays, it is that. We underscore charity, gratitude and a little extra warmth – in our smiles, in correspondence, in our overall behaviors.

We all have the same amount of minutes and hours in a day. Perhaps if we use them a bit more creatively, a small unexpected gesture will go a long way. Remember, we never know what is behind that smile, so never take what is on the surface for granted.

Now, listen closely…


The holidays tend to take on a life of their own. The blessing of togetherness and gratitude. Why am I having dreams about the loss of my relationships then? My day to day feels light but subconscious is like Beetlejuice, ready to resurrect trouble.

Complex emotions have deep roots that aren’t easily severed. If we aren’t careful, we can get tangled and strangled. Recognize that these complex emotions are alchemical – good, bad or ugly.

Listen closely and when in doubt, like a wave, ride it and let it carry you…


“If you pursue happiness, you are an ordinary person. If happiness pursues you, you are an extraordinary person. Do not chase happiness; let it chase you.”

Peter Deunov

Happiness, I believe, is the preliminary stage to contentment. It is the verb to the noun. A first taste to get us motivated to live our lives differently. In the extraordinary way. A life lived, not so we can be admired but only to enjoy inner peace.

It does exist! Listen closely.