What Every Man Needs To Know….

There are many men’s blogs that give practical guides to life.  The things every man, regardless of social status, age or race should know. However, there haven’t been too man guides written from a woman’s perspective.  I am about to attempt this list, in no particular order of priority.

  1.  Driving a manual transmission.  The stick shift is becoming a thing of rarity with newer car models.  An article by Road & Track, succinctly states that its simple sales numbers… only auto purists desire a manual.  Frankly, I think the stick is sexy.  It is true I can’t drive a manual but I love being in the passenger seat.  Perhaps it is the phallic design or maybe it is sexy to watch a man’s reaction to it…determined and aggressive.  HOT.
  2. Tie a bowtie.  Thanks to this video, I learned how to tie one.  I know men typically have guttural reactions to the idea of a bowtie – they either love or hate the look.  I personally think it s a quirky, finished look.  I asked Tom Keene of “Bloomberg Surveillance” where he gets his bowties and he responded ” Hermes or Bergdorf.”   I personally love Seigo.  t At some point in your life, you or someone you know may find a use for one…You may not look like as good as Tom Keene does but you will look distinguished.
  3. Know your martini.  Forget about craft beers.  The dressed up Hops are for hipsters.  It is important to know how to order the classic drink for those who avoid brown spirits.  I am talking about the martini.  Straight up? Dry? Wet?  Extra dirty?  Wait…are we calling a 1800 sex line?  Nope.  Its just a drink. Insert instructions here.  Pun intended.
  4. Be sexually-conscientious. What does this mean, exactly?  It is important for a man to pay attention to a woman’s body signals when in an intimate situation.  I am purposely not using the term “bedroom” because if you are adventurous like me, well, lets just say that intimate situations can happen….anywhere.  I digress.  A general rule of thumb is that the clit is most definitely not where you assume it is.  Its just a tad bit lower. There should be a law against motorboating..and your tongue is not a tennis racket, baseball bat or golf club.  Yes, I want your tongue in my mouth no I don’t want you probing, swinging or worse….missing the target.  Enough said.  And no… I am not linking to any instructional.
  5. Learn Chopsticks.  I am not talking about “Chopsticks” the piano duet.  You learned to use a fork so the its only natural that you would move on to a more modern utensil, the chopstick.  Sushi always makes a great date night and its always impressive when you can expertly wield your sticks.
  6. To shave or not to shave?  Aside from any hygiene issues that may result from too much hair, the idea of man purposely shaving his body for vanity reasons is just unnatural.  I say embrace your Sasquatch-self.  Women, unless they are ridiculously vain will always appreciate a gentleman who is confident, funny and kind.  Hair or no hair.
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