Thoughts on The “Pocket Dial” – Fashion Faux or Fashion Go

Jimmy Fallon can now add fashionpreneur  to his resume.  As Jimmy tells the story, “My assistant and I stayed up late one night and hot glued a pocket square to an iPhone case…”

The pocket square, like tie clips, colorful socks, cufflinks, bowties, even suspenders have elevates a man’s look by aiding to illustrate his personality.  They are not a necessity in a man’s wardrobe but they certainly tell an exciting story.

I see the cache behind this merger of fashion and technology, especially for the Millennial generation.    However,  I am a fashion purist.  This is different then a wearable, because the design is integrated seamlessly into the technology.  The manufacturing of a pocket square, in the variety of silks, patterns and colors available, make it a truly timeless accessory.  We know how fickle and fast-moving technology can be.  The “Pocket Dial” uses the pocket square as a sacrificial lamb to make a dulling brand appear more interesting.




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