The Winter Wardrobe Essential: The Velvet Jacket

Velvet is not just for Hugh Hefner nor is it just for smoking.   The velvet jacket is the perfect look to polish off your winter wardrobe.  The richness and color density of the fabric is the perfect winter statement piece.

I know that many men look at the velvet jacket as a bit overwhelming from a style perspective. If you dress with utility in mind, the idea of approaching wardrobe from a fashion mindset might be a leap.   However, just like seersucker in the late spring/simmer, there is a specific and appropriate window that the velvet jacket is the perfect finishing touch.

Unlike its brother, corduroy, which is rugged and preppy, velvet has elegance and panache while being surprisingly “sturdy.”   Yes, this is a bold style move, unexpected and underscores to people that maybe, just maybe there is more to you than meets the eye.

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