The Ultimate Style Guide For The Unstylish

So maybe you are guy who doesn’t see the significance of Esquire or GQ.  The idea of wardrobe is utilitarian for you.  In fact, what is a “wardrobe” anyway?  Aren’t they just clothes?

There is a happy medium.  A few simple guidelines will have you looking dapper without much tremendous effort or time spent consternating over stripes v solids.

Fit Matters -You may not want to spring for a MtM suit.  However, tailors are not just for those with a penchant for bespoke.  They are critical to a well done “off-the-rack” wardrobe.  The average retailer doesn’t make clothes like they used to and it has become increasingly difficult to find proper sizing.  A tailor can fix that and have you in sartorial splendor in no time.

Grooming is essential – This doesn’t just apply to you favorite pet.  I don’t care if you are going to the gym or heading for a boardroom meeting, a well-groomed man ins always in style.  It may seem obvious but this just doesn’t apply to your shaving habits.  This means make sure your shit is properly tucked in, the buttons, buttoned and your shoes, shined.  The belt is properly looped. Please check the zipper of your pants.   Most importantly, that your clothes are clean.  It may seem like I am overstating the obvious but there are so many times I see gentleman overlook such basic guidelines.

Accessories are not your enemy – What you leave off makes as bold a statement as what you wear and not always a flattering one.  The little details matter.  Go slowly and conservatively when you are unsure.  If you prefer a classic look, consider a pair of beautiful cufflinks or even an elegant tie clip.  The more daring or aggressive, might consider a dynamic pocket square that creates complexity and flair.  Those who want to let their sense of humor shine…go with a colorful and fun pair of socks.

Remember this is not about spending more as much as it about using that sartorial sense more wisely.  We can all use a reminder about how important first, second and third impressions are.

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