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The Suit is Sexy Again…

Last night I attended an event.  I always learn a lot when networking. The people who attend are v. dynamic.   Though it was more of a casual event, it is the Upper East Side of NYC and so it is always interesting to see how people present themselves.   The women outdid the men.  I know you think this would be obvious but not to me. The resurgence of cufflinks, pocket squares and dare I say it, colorful socks, has made the suit sexy again.

There were a few men there who caught my attention. One who looked casually smart but comfortable in a navy blazer, crisp white shirt, black slacks and loafers.  He was the most dressed down of all the candidates present but he still commanded the room with his style and confidence.   It is also no secret that I have a thing for men with salt and pepper hair and one in particular, who I had previously mingled with at another fundraiser 6 weeks ago was present last night, looking sharp as a tack in lightweight navy suit and pinstripe oxford. The brown wingtips were the perfect complement.   The heat and humidity did not seem to leave a trace….

There is a suit for every season.  Cashmere, wool or corduroy in the fall and winter…Seersucker, hopsack, mohair or linen in the spring/summer.  I love  seeing a man get creative with pocket squares, ties and cufflinks.   I can tell a lot about his personality and the impression he is looking to make on the room. Don’t be afraid of accessories!

One tip: let the suit shine through the accessories.. unless you are wearing an Ozwald Boateng suit, that is. 🙂

music mood:  Billy Joel –  “NY State of Mind”

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