The Powerful Shade of Grey

The color grey is as neutral and easily versatile as black but it has always been the stepchild.  I want to try to change this perception, because men especially, I think, look great working with grey as a starting point to their wardrobe.

I’ve talked before about the importance of letting you personality shine through your wardrobe  After all, an initial first impression comes from the clothes you wear.   A beautiful grey suit with a subtle pattern. It doesn’t have to be a suit either, a nice pair of slacks.  What makes grey unique is that it is the prefect background color.  It doesn’t try to outshine like navy or pose as a “neutral” backdrop like black, when we know black always makes a statement.  I’m not even going to mention brown.  Intellectual, this is because grey is a mix of black and white.  Yet, in the grand scheme of color palettes, it understand the art of subtlety.

Never underestimate the powerful shade of grey.  Never underestimate the man who keeps his power in his pocket.  He is always the most dangerous.

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