The “Naked” Man Wardrobe Solution

There are men who redefine “sartorial,” who may have 50% of the wardrobe bespoke.  Then, there are most men whose closet consists of  “my wife bought it for me”, “I only wear clothes given to me by a vendor”, or ” I buy from store x because its convenient.” I call them the “naked” men.   They are a wonderfully, clean palate waiting to be dressed in a way that redefines their masculinity without distorting who they are.

If I had my way, I would find a happy for every gentleman. Don’t get me wrong, I think ever guy needs to have a tailor on speed dial but I now that for most, especially in a more “business casual” work environment, it may not be necessary.

Luckily for all modern men , Brian Spaly, serial entrepreneur, founder of Bonobos and current CEO of The Trunk Club has solved this problem.

Like all great, disruptive business models, the evolution unfolds with a surprise at every turn.  The original concept was “virtual styling”.  Men traditionally lack the time and patience to shop so what better way to shop but video chat with someone dedicated to making you look good?  The next thing you know, your “trunk” arrives in the mail filled with clothing customized to fit your budget, taste and lifestyle.

Admittedly, the concept took a while to catch on but Brian, whose entrepreneurial career began with a concept of redefining mens pants, saw that that a more holistic approach was needed.   Over time word caught on about the superior customer service and no-hassle return policies.   A 5-day try on period and free shipping.  Order as often or as little as you like. Whatever you don’t like, you send back and you won’t be charged.

As men of all ages and backgrounds became more comfortable with this concept that was foreign to mens fashion, it took on a life of its own and an infant company grew mature with Trunk Club Clubhouses that allow for men to meet with their stylist in person.

Take ownership of your wardrobe without the hassles of having to physically shop.  Your trunk is waiting.



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