The Grooming Dilemma – How Much is Too Much?

I feel sorry for men.  They come into puberty where hair on the chest is the mark of masculinity and 10 years later their girlfriend/wife hands them a razor. The subject of grooming is ambiguous at best because every woman will tell you something different and it just leads to you pulling your hair out, literally, with your hands or a razor.

Personally it doesn’t matter to me if you are naturally hairy or hairless.  It is where and how much you manicure/groom the hair you do have that matters.  Here’s a general guide to the grooming dilemma…

  1.  The genitals –  The most important area for grooming.  Please don’t go crazy down there. While every woman appreciates not having to spit out your ‘pubes, the visual of a man with no hair is a mood-killer and just weird.  Google the hairless cat and this might help you understand.  Hair is necessary down there but like a beautiful garden, should not be left unattended to go wild.  A little pruning and trimming goes a long way.

2. The nose– A feature that is front and center but so often ignored.  It is more important than any 5 o’clock shadow. Please take an extra second during your morning routine, to make sure those nose hairs are kept where they belong.  I understand the hair in your noes serves a specific purpose but that does mean you need to style it.

3. The back – The most vilified of all body pats.  The bane of a main’s existence when one day he looks in the mirror and notices a shirt growing where there is no fabric.  This is a tricky subject because after years of being anti-back hair, I crossed to the other side.  Now, this is not to say I find a hair shirt sexy but men should be men and tufts of fine hair on the back can be a welcome change to a man that goes out of his way to keep himself unnaturally smooth. When my hands wrap around your back a little hair is a nice reminder that you are a descendent of cave men.

4.   The chest – the back’s evil cousin.  An area that needs to be left alone.  Why?  Razor bumps are never attractive and neither is feeling your stubble on top of me. Please restrain yourself and let that hair be.

5. The ears – There is no excuse.  I don’t care how old you are.  Get rid of it.

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