Stepping into the Sunshine – The Coolest Casual Shoes For Summer

The warm weather is a bit of a tease now, especially in the northeastern part of the US but it won’t be long before the sun shines, strong and consistent.  The sad part for me is the lack of style in men’s shoes for the spring/summer.  Are you destined to wear those horrid Birkenstocks or velcro sandals?   Even a male foot model can’t pull that look off.

Never fear…(not that you are but you may be curious), I have done the research and here are few of my suggestions for cool summer shoes even if you are, well, just not that cool.

-Boat shoes, aka Docksiders.  Its a classic for a reason.  These shoes are simple, well-made and the classic style makes them versatile enough for any casually elegant affair. Whether you prefer Sperry or Sebago, the timeless look and comfort, will keep your feet happy for years to come.  Besides, they look just as great with shorts as they do with slacks. Just don’t forget the saddle soap to keep them looking like new.

Loafers– If you are looking for a slip-on because laces are not your thing,  look no further than the loafer.  Classic with the penny or the tassel, the loafer is a gentleman’s shoe.  It may not be ideal for the hipster but if you are man who seeks a polished, more refined look, the loafer should be your go-to, tassel or penny, its simply preference.

Derbys – this is the only shoe I recommend with a Seersucker suit.  I’m not just saying it because it is the official shoe of the Kentucky Derby either. lol  It is also my favorite choice for the man in his 40-50’s, looking to sport a more casual look.  Though they look similar to an Oxford, there is one distinct difference:  open v closed lacking system.  If you look at a Derby shoe, the bottom of the vamp, where the lacing starts, is open, where as the Oxford is closed at the top.  The Oxford is generally much sleeker and the preferred shoe for suits and more formal affairs.  However, the Derby, is next up if you prefer casual elegance and have wider feet.   I personally love the look with shorts and a sport coat or with the above-mentioned seersucker.

Whatever you shoe style, remember its now what you wear but how you wear it.


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