The Kinky Courtesan Recommends….Proper Cloth

It is no secret that a man’s dress shirt can be a true power statement.  Forget the watch and tie.  Forget the Eurotrash white shoes.   A beautiful french cuff broadcloth.  A fitted Oxford.   Whatever your style, you can be sure that it will look much sexier on the woman than it does on you…

Once upon a time, I used to be a huge advocate for the NYC start-up community.  I was actively involved in business development and event planning and was generally pretty well-known for giving out fashion advice to hapless and burned-out 30-something male entrepreneurs.  I was lucky enough to meet Seph, founder of Proper Cloth, a company that designs and manufactures bespoke dress shirts in downtown NYC.  He is a brilliant guy.  MIT-educated with a relaxed and easy-going demeanor.  He started his company in 2008 and I am proud to see his website grow leaps and bounds from where it was.

He understands quality and that a gentleman wants customer service, quality and the proper fit above all else.

Treat yourself to a proper, classic fit with a Proper Cloth shirt.  Who knows maybe you will find me wearing it too..

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