Jerome Powell – The New Fashion Icon

Jerome Powell  or “Jay”  is not someone you would pick out of a crowd.  You could argue that the Federal Reserve Chairman, with a long history in banking is just another suit.  However, I beg to differ.  I’ve watched his press conferences and that man understands style.

He is not a Peacock and yet his charisma jumps through the tv screen.  The dark, well cut suit and stark white shirt.  I can tell he is a pragmatic man, not concerned with the accoutrements that can dress up a suit or make it more interesting.  His ties are what makes him standout.  He picks interesting colors in his ties, all that create more warmth in his face.  I dare say that he gets his ties from one designer – definitely not Hermes, as their ties are more offbeat.  Perhaps Zegna?? I think I have a legitimate crush.

Here is a man who keeps his wardrobe super simple but always look sharp.  The power comes not from the suit but from the man.

Wear it well.





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