Accessories a Man Should Never Live Without

Regardless of your age, economic status and fitness level, I thought I would add to the crazy amount of list content on the web by creating an “Essential Accessories Guide” from a woman’s point of view.

  • cufflinks – cufflinks create instant refinement just as sunglasses create instant “cool”.   It is a timeless, classic accessory that every man, at ever age should have.  Its versatile enough to go from day to evening and the fun cufflinks can create a more casual look for even a sporting event.
  • a solid timepiece – This is more of an investment, yes.  In a world where people use their phones as a replacement for a watch, it shows a man has discerning taste and attention to detail, when you see something classic on his wrist.  Tradition is not lost and a traditional man with a dirty mind is v. sexy to me.
  • aftershave – the scent is subject of course.  However, there is nothing sexier than a man who wears a subtle, spicy-scented aftershave on his face.  Aftershave is not meant for your genitals nor does a woman ever want to be smelling heavily-perfumed balls. It is sexy to snuggle up to a face that subtly transports you somewhere exotic and instantly warms you.
  • silk boxers – as a woman driven by touch, the feel of silk or satin against my skin sends me over the moon.  Silk boxers are not meant to be practical but owning a pair to wear on a special occasion is definitely a treat for any woman.
  • money clip – cash will always be king.  Its time to desert the bulky, unsexy wallet for the streamlined, leaner money clip often used by old-school gents.

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