A Man’s Guide to the Mani/Pedi

Who said that manicures and pedicures are just for women?  At my favorite spa, Jin Soon, on the Upper East Side, it is not uncommon to see men indulging in a little hand and foot luxury.

An Uncommon Ritual

It has largely been considered a metrosexual habit.  The irony is that your hands and feet are the most exposed  and most utilized body parts.

Have no fear, there is a solution; manicures and pedicures aren’t just for women.  Having well-groomed fingers and toes is important for health AND making first impressions.  It shows that you care about the finer details, the little details.  The details you think nobody will notice.  The beauty and cosmetics industry has made great progress when it comes to skincare products for men.  It would only be natural that the idea of men taking care of their hands and feet would be given more attention.

In fact, Hammer and Nails, did just that.  In 2013 founder, Michael Elliot, launched his idea to elevate the traditional barber shop to include hands and feet care. They have manicure and pedicure services for most budgets.  The premium pedicures offer unique treatments that incorporate beer and whiskey.  Currently, located in select cities, it wouldn’t be surprising if more locations will be opening soon. If you are lucky enough to live near one, be sure to book.

Why bother, you ask?

Its relaxing.  A hand or foot massage, which is part of the service at a reputable salon/spa, provides a quick touch of luxury without disrupting your schedule. 30 minutes can be revitalizing.

Its healthy.  The Mayo Clinic published an article on nail health being an indicator of potential medical issues.  Nails, especial toenails can develop fungus, get hard and yellow and can still remain neglected.

It makes a good impression.   Men love a woman who takes care of her nails and feet. Why would it be any different for the man?  I personally love giving foot massages, so a man’s feet are are something I pay attention to.

What do i look for?

It depends on the quality of the salon or spa.  I always suggesting using spafinder.com to find a reputable place.

The ambience is relaxing.  The grooming aspect is only half of the experience.  A spa experience should be relaxing and the upkeep of the spa should appear impeccable.  It goes without saying but you would surprised.

The menu is varied.  The best spa menus give you a few treatment options, both medicinal and therapeutic.  The ingredients should be high quality.  The pricing will reflect that.  I like to call the spa I am looking to book, to ask questions and get a sense of their customer service.  I highly recommend taking the extra 5 minutes.

Don’t forget….treat your feet, they will thank you!


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