A Bad Fashion Trend – The Skinny Jean

Am I the only one who thinks the skinny jean trend is completely overblown and ridiculous?  I’d like to think that the hipster movement wouldn’t be a movement if it were for facial and jeans that make you look like you came from Munchkinland.

What is attractive to me about a man’s dress sense is his display of masculinity.  It is how he positions it through his clothing and accessories.  Does he wear a timepiece on his wrist?  A bespoke vicuna suit?  Is he more casual and relaxed choosing a sport coat and button down with no tie?   Perhaps he is a peacock and  daring enough to wear a waistcoat, another evolving hipster trend.

I believe that bad fashion trends are started by people who have a flair for irony.  In my opinion, no self-respected man, regardless of the age would be caught dead wearing jeans that suck in his legs and ankles and make him look like a disabled chicken.

Save the feminized look for where it belongs, on a woman.  Let men be men.


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