The 3 Masters

In my life there were 3.  Men who flipped my mind every which way and with that got me so wet that I could take just about anything they gave me.

Master 1.  The Brit.  A brief and torrid affair that was intercontinental.  I remember every moment and probably always will.  I wasn’t in love or devoted.  I was in lust and that was good enough.  Subspace was my secret garden with him.

Master 2.  Light and fun.  The Dominant I enjoy at major kink events and if I am lucky, when our schedules sync up and he is in NYC.  He has a slave/lover but he loves to play and slut to slut we just have so much fun pushing boundaries.

Master 3.  The man, who when I met him, changed my life forever.  I am forever devoted to him and nothing will ever tear us apart.  As a slave his needs automatically come before my own.  It feels so good.   I never knew vulnerability could be so beautiful until I met him.  There are some people who have a presence so strong, their energy remains with you even when they are not with you, which is most of the time.  This is what it means to find the man who will collar you.

I am forever grateful for this life.

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