I was listening to a Lex Fridman podcast last night. In his long-form chat with neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, I felt so inspired. Listen more here… As I talked about yesterday, we are all on our own journey of self-discovery. However it is important to realize that we all have the capacity for feelings, behaviors andContinue reading “THE COURAGE OF IF”

The Lost Art of the Hand-written Letter

Every Christmas, I look forward to one gift – my father’s handwritten letter on nothing-special paper, that peeps out of my stocking on December 25. It is so special that it usually takes me 24- 48hrs before I read it.  My father is a man of potent but few words. They always make me cry.Continue reading “The Lost Art of the Hand-written Letter”

Toasting You

Yesterday, I completed my first Toastmasters speech.  Although the “icebreaker” could arguably be the easiest, It is a challenge to speak about yourself in a way that engages an audience of relative strangers. Special thanks to the calls of support and constructive feedback I received yesterday.  Typically, I spend more time preparing but I spentContinue reading “Toasting You”

Friday’s Fantasy…The Office

Your office is a place for work not for kinky, wonton acts of lust and desire. The signal comes and I know immediately I must go to you.  There is no stopping to collect $200…there are no thoughts in mind…it is only you and pleasing your every need.  I feel like I am floating toContinue reading “Friday’s Fantasy…The Office”

The Briefcase

The understated accessory.  Yet, a daunting one. A statement of persona.   We carry a briefcase and our gait becomes more powerful, purposeful.  Standing in a crowded elevator,  grasping on to the handle tightly, the anticipation of revealing the contents, is a heady feeling.  The silence around you is palpable but you can feel theContinue reading “The Briefcase”

My Love Letter to America…

My Dear America, This past year I had the amazing opportunity to really enjoy you.  I traveled across the plains, in the valleys and over the mountains to revel in the wonder of your natural beauty.   Your vistas were inspiring.  The cities were lively and unique, each one a haven of their own distinctContinue reading “My Love Letter to America…”

The Naughty Playground

This is a place we don’t think too much. Relax and give in to my gentle whispers. Keep your eyes open and look deep into mine. Let yourself go and the adventures begin. You won’t experience just one there will be a few. The intensity will exceed your expectations. I hear you. And now…I’ve takenContinue reading “The Naughty Playground”

My Memorial Day Memoir

This will be my last post until Tuesday, May 27 as I will be spending the weekend drinking my favorite champagne, Pierre Gimonnet, playing golf at the beach in Brigantine, and enjoying time with family and friends. Of course, we wouldn’t have these amazing freedoms if it were for our armed force. The retail sales,Continue reading “My Memorial Day Memoir”

Remembering My Grandmother

I don’t expect this to be a popular post but its Mother’s Day.  My grandmother was an amazing lady.   I can’t tell you how many summers I spent with her as a kid in Seaside Park, NJ.  She was a sharp dresser, always perfectly dressed for the occasion including accessories and loved to spoilContinue reading “Remembering My Grandmother”