Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory

  An average Tuesday night in Greenwich, CT. I made him stand in the middle of the room, fully clothed, with only my Hermes scarf tied around his eyes. He looked liked a fashionable hostage about to be executed, only this execution would come in the form of something much slower, seductive and delicious. Deliberately,Continue reading “Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory”

The Irish- Italian Job

I had so much fun in the v. short time I was n Boston.  The friends I make there have a special place in my heart because many are Irish-Italian and remind me of roots… Boston is always an extra special visit for me.   I may have mentioned that many of my relatives areContinue reading “The Irish- Italian Job”

Virginia May Be Lovers, Northern Virginia is For Kinksters

Thank you to the gentlemen of Arlington, VA for providing such a fun, kinky, raunchy time for me. You made my week. I was submissive. I was dominant. I was a true slut enjoying raunchy, intimate moments with men who were veritable strangers. Your politeness made me cream.  Underneath the courtesy was your dark sideContinue reading “Virginia May Be Lovers, Northern Virginia is For Kinksters”

Why I Love the Brits…

I love British men.  They are among the kinkiest, most sexual men I have come across.  It’s not what they are into it’s the passion that they display.  They aren’t afraid to be raunchy with me.  They aren’t afraid to throw me over their desk or tongue fuck my clit till I cum so intenselyContinue reading “Why I Love the Brits…”

A Slave’s Dream Cum True…

Persistence pays off.  It took 1 Fetlife email, 1 gmail introduction and later a follow-up email to get the great Maestro Stefanos attention.  In case you don’t know who he is, he is the Steward for Kink.com’s The Upper Floor, where slave’s are used and train into high-protocol proper slaves.  When I was trained by myContinue reading “A Slave’s Dream Cum True…”

From Greenwich with Love… xx

You thought you knew everything.  Your disguise was clever.  The hotel maintenance man.  I let you in but I am hurried and stern about it.  You were convincing.    The bag was the first giveaway.  I couldn’t help but snoop. After all,  I knew something was going down and its my responsibility to be alert andContinue reading “From Greenwich with Love… xx”

Dark Odyssey Tomorrow…

I can’t wait to be in pure kinkiness for 72 hours.  A hotel of kinksters – people who are open, sexual, playful.   The techies have SXSW, and we have Dark Odyssey.  Fetlife has brimmed with excitement over this conference.  Private messages are flying back and forth between profiles as people set up playdates. Personally, IContinue reading “Dark Odyssey Tomorrow…”